Once Upon a Time, Season 1

Once Upon a Time, Season 1

Once Upon a Time

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2011-10-23
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 22
  • Free download


Emma Swan wonders if the residents of Storybrooke, Maine are somehow actual characters from legendary children’s tales. Parallel worlds unravel in this modern take on classic fables where a curse has trapped famed storybook characters in our world.


Title Time
1 Pilot 43:41 Free download
2 The Thing You Love Most 42:41 Free download
3 Snow Falls 43:13 Free download
4 The Price of Gold 42:57 Free download
5 That Still Small Voice 43:13 Free download
6 The Shepherd 43:14 Free download
7 The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 43:16 Free download
8 Desperate Souls 43:26 Free download
9 True North 43:13 Free download
10 7:15 A.M. 43:13 Free download
11 Fruit of the Poisonous Tree 43:08 Free download
12 Skin Deep 43:11 Free download
13 What Happened to Frederick? 43:12 Free download
14 Dreamy 43:08 Free download
15 Red-Handed 43:14 Free download
16 Heart of Darkness 43:05 Free download
17 Hat Trick 43:11 Free download
18 The Stable Boy 43:14 Free download
19 The Return 43:13 Free download
20 The Stranger 43:13 Free download
21 An Apple Red As Blood 43:12 Free download
22 A Land Without Magic 43:00 Free download


  • I love it

    By BL_365
    It’s like bacon pancakes it’s so good
  • Once Upon A Time is great

    By KbCheetah
    Once Upon A Time is a great, fun show andI like all of the characters in it.
  • Don't like it

    By Ty Cooper
    Not a Disney way for me

    By Padme1434
    I love this show!! It has action,drama,mystery,romance. Everything that a fairy tale should be. I love the characters and it's my favorite show ever!! {SPOILERS AHEAD} Although,I really hated when Graham died. I love Rumbelle and Snow and Charming!! I also love the music!! When i listen to the music it feels like i am in a fairy tale. Love it!!!
  • Once upon a time

    By Joviecat
    This show is the best show I have ever seen I love this show much I never want it to end
  • Love it 💝✨

    By Musalamking
  • Fave Show

    By Oncer1991
    Love, love, love this show! I have always been a fan of fairy tales and Disney Princesses. It's great that there is a show that puts a modern twist on those classics with a modern - day twist that entices people of all ages.
  • Awesome series

    By Cool Taylor pop
    They say this is fun little kids but this series is scary I first didn't think I would like this . But I was so ring I'm glade I got into it . Each week can't wait what happens next 😎😍😋😎😬😂😆😬😫😧😀😀😀😀😉
  • Interesting but just not for me

    By ##River Song##
    My fried told me this was an amazing show and I had to watch it. After going through the first five episodes I found the plot rather dull and cliche. I can see why some people would love it, but this show is definitely not one I will continue to watch.
  • I can't stop WATCHING!!!!!!!!!

    By Melody Pond (or Williams)
    this show is completely obsessive. I was sad when Graham died because he was one of my favorite characters and I hope they will bring him back. the character development is amazing. the stories keep me wanting more. the perfect show to binge watch. altogether one of the most OUTSTANDING shows ever.