Stargate SG-1, Season 7

Stargate SG-1, Season 7

Stargate SG-1

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2003-06-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 22
  • Free download


Daniel Jackson returns to his post with the SG-1 team. Their celebration is short lived, however, as Anubis continues his tyrannical reign over other System Lords. The team is in a desperate search for the Lost City of the Ancients, which they believe houses technology powerful enough to defeat Anubis.


Title Time
1 Fallen 43:55 Free download
2 Homecoming 43:53 Free download
3 Fragile Balance 43:56 Free download
4 Orpheus 43:56 Free download
5 Revisions 43:55 Free download
6 Lifeboat 43:58 Free download
7 Enemy Mine 44:02 Free download
8 Space Race 43:56 Free download
9 Avenger 2.0 43:56 Free download
10 Birthright 43:55 Free download
11 Evolution, Pt. 1 43:57 Free download
12 Evolution, Pt. 2 43:58 Free download
13 Grace 43:49 Free download
14 Fallout 43:58 Free download
15 Chimera 43:48 Free download
16 Death Knell 43:47 Free download
17 Heroes, Pt. 1 43:54 Free download
18 Heroes, Pt. 2 43:57 Free download
19 Resurrection 43:55 Free download
20 Inauguration 43:52 Free download
21 Lost City, Pt. 1 43:57 Free download
22 Lost City, Pt. 2 43:54 Free download


  • The best almost end ever

    By Layla Karine
    It was my favorite (or second favorite) season, and I'm so happy that I can watch it now. 1.99 is such a small price to pay for the last of my favorite character. Favorite episodes are Heroes and Lifeboat.
  • WOW!

    By KidKarumba
    This has been officialy off the air for like a year or more and when you watch it again it's like BAM!!!! why the heck did they even think about taking it off? This is great. Amanda Tapping is way better here than on Sanctuary.
  • Where is season 7

    By rolwhite
    Where is season...they have them all the way to 10 but not 7
  • Start of the Modern Stargate!

    By tdg&evanescence <33
    This season is sort of a transition from the early seasons where the goa'uld are the major threat to the galaxy to where the replicators and other enemies begin to become a primary concern. Lost City Parts 1&2 gives off the beginning of the Jaffa rein in Dakara, starting all sorts of new plot twists with that as well as the reappearance of Daniel Jackson after his ascention *coughcoughmaryhiggensclarkmoviecoughcough*
  • Review of "Grace"

    By HawaiiPaddler
    I love Stargate. I've watched ever since Sci Fi Channel got it from Showtime. I went and got the DVDs to catch up the first 4 seasons or so, and still watch the reruns to this day. This episode was one us fans were waiting for: the Sam/Jack "romance". I thought they did a good job on this, I really did. Would I have added a little more? Perhaps. But the writers gave us just enough to know what's going on inside Sam's mind. I gave this episode a 5 just because we waited so long for it! I just wish there were a way for those two to get together now that Jack is not at the SGC and Sam is doing time on Atlantis.
  • Season 7: Gets better!

    By Basher EJS
    Jackson returns and Anubis becomes a much bigger threat than before!!! We also see the former Senator Kinsey become Vice President of the United States, and we get a small glimpse of what got Stargate: Atlantis off the ground. Unfortunately, this season is also one in which every Stargate fan will hate the writing staff; a valued member of the SGC is lost. I won't say who, but Stargate fans know who it is. While it's a sad time for the show, it does show the human side of this great series! Life is fragile, no matter what or who it is. Season 7 leaves you wanting more! The Replicators are rebuilding and becoming a threat. O'Neill once again houses all the knowledge of the Ancients. But does it spell doom when Anubis launches an all-out assault on Earth? It's all part of the fun and you have to watch it!!!!