Stargate Atlantis, Season 4

Stargate Atlantis, Season 4

Stargate Atlantis

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 0007-09-23
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 20
  • Free download


Stargate Atlantis returns for an action-packed fourth season with the team welcoming new members and battling enemies new and old. Following the dramatic finale of season three, the courageous Lt. Col. John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and the brilliant Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) and the rest of the team is working together to save their leader, Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson). The team must find a new home for the city and defend it against the continuing threat of the Wraith and the Replicators. Season 4 also sees Lt. Col. Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) and head of medicine Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite) join the Atlantis expedition. While Ronon (Jason Momoa) is confronted by his past, Teyla (Teachel Luttrell) is forced to question her role and her people's future. Together, the Atlantis team must confront its standing enemies, forge new alliances, and delve deeper into discovering the mysteries of the Pegasus Galaxy.


Title Time
1 Adrift 43:32 Free download
2 Lifeline 43:29 Free download
3 Reunion 43:34 Free download
4 Doppelganger 43:28 Free download
5 Travelers 43:29 Free download
6 Tabula Rasa 43:31 Free download
7 Missing 43:32 Free download
8 The Seer 43:32 Free download
9 Miller's Crossing 43:33 Free download
10 This Mortal Coil 43:29 Free download
11 Be All My Sins Remember'd 43:32 Free download
12 Spoils of War 43:32 Free download
13 Quarantine 43:32 Free download
14 Harmony 43:31 Free download
15 Outcast 43:29 Free download
16 Trio 43:33 Free download
17 Midway 43:33 Free download
18 The Kindred, Pt. 1 43:33 Free download
19 The Kindred, Pt. 2 43:34 Free download
20 The Last Man 43:32 Free download


  • AWESOME!!!!!

    By EveretteNoe
    Simply the BEST of the BEST.
  • Great season

    By mcac2010
    People who criticize this season are wrong. Some people just want the same people and the same story. Yes the could have bean more imaginative and stop using the wraith and the replicators but it's still good. This is not Shakespeare but its not sharknato either. Huge mistake to cancel this series and even bigger not to bring it bank.
  • the best show ever

    By SpicyDragon
    i love stargate atlantis 
  • Girl-Power TV show till you puke!

    By Ralph Strean
    Okay, forget the fact that everyone in the galaxy speaks English, I got past that in SG-1. Now we all get to enjoy one civilization after another being controlled, ran, governed (etc.) by women. It's like the writers of the show have a feminist agenda. I can see it on their chalkboard. Rule 1 - SG HQ can only be ran by a woman. Rule 2 - All women have ninja fighting skills. Rule 3 - Almost all civilizations in the galaxy have female leaders. Rule 4 - Never be realistic except only when talking about science. What's wrong with all that? It's just not realistic at all, and it's incredibly contrived and annoying. Other than that there are some great ideas in the show... too bad they're so pushy.
  • I think its great that itunes upgraded most of these episodes to high definition

    By i hate ur face
    great season but would it be too much to ask for a way to convert our standard def into high def like with itunes plus or somthing
  • Amazing!

    By jen389
    Stargate Atlantis continues to deliver great writing and directing.
  • the best series on tv

    By comer93
    Stargate Atlantis season 4 was awesome there are a lot of huge cliff hanger moments that kept you on the edge of your seat There are a lot of moments were things seem impossible for the atlantis team ,but they get throught it and save the day. I recomend purchasing this season 100% and I also recommend watching the earlier seasons of stargate because those are really good to, Stargate Atlantis is my favorite show off all time
  • Great content -- Poor quality Video

    By DragonSlayer 48
    Well the title about says it all. I am fairly new to the Stargate Atlantis series, having missed the first three seasons. I recently got a iPhone 3G for my birthday and it led me to the series. It looks great on the widescreen of the phone, but video quality on my 24" monitor leaves much to be desired, especially if ur an HD nut like me. Overall I would say if your into Sci-fi you cannot beat the series.
  • Were is season 5 on Itunes

    By Mec.christensen
    Is Itunes still showing Stargate atlantis.I missed last friday's and I'm GOING INSANE waiting.
  • where is season 5

    By malloy
    will season 5 be posted on itunes?