V: The Original Miniseries

V: The Original Miniseries

V (Classic Series)

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2007-07-24
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 2
  • Free download


Aliens pretending to be friendly come to Earth and are received openly. The aliens have masqueraded themselves to look just like humans. When it is discovered that the aliens' planet is dying and that they have come to rape the Earth of its natural resources, the war for Earth begins. An important key to the humans' success is distinguishing their own from the aliens.


Title Time
1 V: The Original Miniseries, Pt. 1 1:45:31 Free download
2 V: The Original Miniseries, Pt. 2 1:31:33 Free download


  • YES! But...

    By Denver Steveo
    5 Stars for its existence. "V" and "V: The Final Battle" make up 10 of the greatest hours of Science Fiction - EVER! As a kid, playing "V" on the playground was the only thing that could usurp Star Wars and Star Trek (which says a lot - "V" premiered in 1983, the same year as Return of the Jedi and a year after The Wrath of Kahn). It was the 80s, it has some "camp," and the special effects don't always hold up. But... The story... This is all about the story and the future/past parallels. It's just brilliant. I gave it 5 Stars because people need to see this. Those who've never heard of "V," those who vaguely remember it from 5 nights in 1984 and 1985 or the occasional reruns on independent tv channels during the mid-80s, and those who only know "V" from the 2009-2011 remake on ABC. However, I give -1 Star to NBC/Universal/Comcast//Warner Distribution (whoever is ultimately responsible for releasing these 10 hours and the subsequent 19 episodes of "V: The Series") without any sort of HD digital remastering. Yep, that's NEGATIVE ONE star. Even if the effects were left alone, so many of the "V" fans would pay for the HD upgrade - Something this story so sorely deserves. This would've been a great treatment for the 30th Anniversary in 2013. Maybe a possibility for the 35th? Despite the lack of HD, it's not like we're watching something with the current quality of my BetaMax tapes that recorded this tale in all its glory so many years ago. It is still well worth the investment. Buy it, thinking you'll watch it once. When you finish, you'll call your friends and invite them over for another viewing. Then, a year from now, you'll inexplicably be compelled to watch it again - This time with your parents, who will still remember it from the original broadcast. Sci-Fi fans, drama/thriller lovers, 80s kids - This the purchase for you. (And "The Final Battle" - Don't miss out on the exciting conclusion.) You will not be disappointed.
  • Excellent sci-fi

    By David Knutson
    Great adventure story
  • great mini series but

    By raspur
    com on itunes got to have high definition I would not buy it.
  • V is an excellent miniseries

    By Vman5050
    The only problem here at this site is the search does not seem to pick it up unless you dig. I had to go through the series to get to the miniseries. Oh, and where is the soundtrack, it is one of the best for sci-fi, up there with the x-files soundtrack.
  • Still hooked 20+ years later

    By chaplaincheech
    I loved these mini-series as a kid and have them on video- loved the short lived series as well. Who wasn't creeped out when the lizard baby was born?!
  • v - the original miniseries

    By cinefi
    this is the most original sci-fi series made fot tv; this the original one and the follow up had a generation with their eyes over the tv on those 80's nigths, it's a good choice that ITUNES decided to incluide it on their library
  • V is the best I've seen ever!!

    By zyphr184
    I grew up with this show, and I have to say I love it still today!! I just wish this series would get a good remake. Key word "good".
  • U GOTTA GET iT! It still holds UP!

    By JDN73
    This is a classic. I loved it when I was a kid an I still love it tell this day. What i noticed, is the extra footage that i nevr seen B4.....RiGHT ON! So U must get it......
  • Still Great!!!

    By Pteradactyl
    Going back and rewatching the best mini-series of the 80s I realized that the acting by all of the supporting cast was truly top notch. Marc Singer and Faye Grant are great in their leading roles, but the supporting parts really give this mini-series its heart- Leonardo Cimino, Richard Lawson, George Morfogen, Blair Tefkin, and Bonnie Bartlett really shine! Although some of the special effects are dated it's still not too bad. The plot is still very engaging and deep. The one criticism I would have to say is that the producers might want to rethink keeping the dedication at the beginning to "All freedom fighters past, present, and future" in today's Iraq insurgency climate.
  • What was old is new again!

    By vader1013
    Out of all of the exciting scenes in this mini-series, THESE are the 30 second clips iTunes picked to showcase? Don't let that dissuade you. During it's original air on television (NBC, i think:), this was bar none the scariest most riveting entertainment aired on television up to that point. I will never forget being on the school bus the morning after the revelation that the Visitors were not all they appeared to be (who can forget the "taking out the eyeballs and eating the mouse" scene??). And even at 13 years old I could see the easily drawn parallels between this (extremely) entertaining television and the Cold War Reagan years when a Republican in the White House had convinced a nation that their complete annihiliation lay just around the corner from an untrustworthy nation who was not what they appeared to be and wanted nothing more than to destroy our way of life. Of course, the difference is that the Visitors really DID want to enslave us and destroy our way of life. Wait a minute...come to think of it... isn't it funny how things have a tendancy to come full circle? Here we are again, back in the same scenario with our government (albeit with a different country this time), so what a perfect time for this re-release!