Cleopatra, Season 1

Cleopatra, Season 1


  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 2018-03-05
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 2
  • Free download


From nearly the time she was born, Cleopatra had to fight for the throne and for her life. She was raised in the palace of one of history's most ruthless royal families and had to use every skill in her arsenal--her brains, her charm, and her body--in order to survive. She would seduce the world's greatest leaders, form powerful alliances, and cement her place in history. This is the story of the real Cleopatra, told through lavish reconstructions and testimony from the world's leading historians.


Title Time
1 Blood and Betrayal 43:22 Free download
2 Love and Death 44:05 Free download


  • Didn't we learn from Claudette Colbert??

    By PrettySmartDelta
    .....please everyone, look at the famous face imprint from her tomb... the woman had BRAIDS & CORNROWS IN THE BACK, ALMOND SHAPED EYES (without needing to draw eyeliner to give the illusion of Afro-Asiatic features), a ROUND and not pointed nose, A VERY FULL UPPER LIP....I swear, God couldn't have given us more evidence of who these people were--Look at Ethiopians man, they have both chiseled and Afro-Asiatic features. What if the blacks said "hey, how do we know the Vikings of ancient times resembled the folk that are there today"--and they actually could argue this because the SAMI WERE THERE FIRST! It is just assumed and understood that the folk in a region for the last 2000 years were more than likely the folk there 2K years before that! ENOUGH with this whitewashed version of yesterday--like the Ethiopians, Nubians (Sudanese), Masai, Tutsis, and Chaddic peoples just would've never sailed the freaking Nile to trade???? It is like Friends all over again, a show featuring New York City with no Jews, blacks, Puerto Ricans, Asians, or even Italians ever walking into Central Perk or even down the street---may as well have a show based in Iceland that has an all black and Cambodian cast including extras. (rolls eyes)
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