Nashville, Season 6

Nashville, Season 6


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-01-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 8
  • Free download


Deacon fights loneliness. Juliette seeks personal change. Maddie meets a hot new pop star. Gunnar and Scarlett struggle to find separate ways. Will tries to keep smiling after a breakup.


Title Time
1 New Strings 42:46 Free download
2 Second Chances 42:46 Free download
3 Jump Then Fall 42:46 Free download
4 That's My Story 42:46 Free download
5 Where the Night Goes 42:49 Free download
6 Beneath Still Waters 42:46 Free download
7 Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound 42:47 Free download
8 First Week Back 01:42 Free download


  • Episodes

    By chubdub
    Not sure why others are having issues with the episodes, mine are available the day after it airs. I’ve watched all the episodes and ready for next week. I’m really going to miss this show.
  • Refund

    By jcary3
    I want a refund if the new episodes are not going to be available timely. Update on refund request I was informed that a refund could not be issued. Potential season 6 season pass buyers, PLEASE do not purchase this. You will not have the newest episode for longer than a week. Horrible customer service. Please don’t waste your money, please!
  • Where is Episode 2??

    By Mon Cher
    I subscribe every season and always the episode was available the day after airing! Why is Episode 2 not available 6 days after airing??? No explanation, no episode--dissing your fans big time!
  • Episode 2?

    By Seeking Good Customer Service
    I paid for a season pass with the same expectation of timely episode availability as everyone else. Would someone at ITunes please respond to the question of why Episode 2 isn't available? If not, we all deserve refunds.
  • When is Episode 2 available!?

    By Joshcarls
    Why the delay!!?? it has been almost a week!
  • when is episode 2 going to come available?

    By SuperMum!
    when is episode 2 going to come available?
  • Season 6 episode 2

    By btboushey
    Why can we not get episode 2? It aired 2 days ago? I want a refund if it is not available to watch!
  • Where is Episode 2?!

    By Metrocowgirl
    Why the delay? It’s almost a week now! :-)
  • Love the show, why the delayed download

    By apples69
    I am accustomed do quicker availability with all my other season passes, curious why this one isn’t available at 2 am following it’s air date. It’s now several days post air-date and it has not appeared. Any thoughts?.
  • Love the show, why delay in new episodes?

    By ChristieHH
    I should be DVR'ing vs spending money on iTunes