The Librarians, Season 4

The Librarians, Season 4

The Librarians

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2017-12-14
  • Episodes: 24
  • Free download


In this season of The Librarians, our heroes embark on new, action-packed adventures, risking their lives once again to save the world. They face off against Santa’s brother the Patron Saint of Thieves, try to save a town plagued by ghosts from the Civil War, battle a casino that steals luck, and endure a body-switching fiasco. But, their greatest challenge will come from within the Library itself. With Charlene no longer tethered to the Library, which keeps it grounded to humanity, one Librarian and one Guardian must step up and take the mantle. As Jenkins organizes the Tethering Ceremony, the high ritual that will bond the pair to the Library forever, thus granting them immortality, Flynn and Baird seem poised to make this sacrifice. Until a woman from Flynn’s past reveals herself to be one of the Library’s dirty little secrets. Confronted with a dark mystery about the Library, every Librarian must ask themselves some tough questions: Is the Library itself good or evil? After millennia of one Librarian at a time, is it dangerous to have multiple Librarians working together? Can a Librarian ever live a “normal” life filled with love, friends and family? The Librarians have a lot of research to do, but this time, they’ll need to find the answers inside themselves without any books or prophecies.


Title Time
1 And the Dark Secret 42:16 Free download
2 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Dark S 04:28 Free download
3 And the Steal of Fortune 42:16 Free download
4 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Steal 03:56 Free download
5 And the Christmas Thief 42:13 Free download
6 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Christ 04:19 Free download
7 And the Silver Screen 42:16 Free download
8 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Silver 04:06 Free download
9 And the Bleeding Crown 42:14 Free download
10 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Bleedi 03:45 Free download
11 And the Graves of Time 42:13 Free download
12 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Graves 05:30 Free download
13 And the Disenchanted Forest 42:15 Free download
14 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Disenc 04:06 Free download
15 And the Hidden Sanctuary 42:16 Free download
16 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Hidden 04:12 Free download
17 And a Town Called Feud 42:16 Free download
18 Writer and Director Vlog: And a Town Cal 04:52 Free download
19 And Some Dude Named Jeff 42:14 Free download
20 Writer and Director Vlog: And Some Dude 04:17 Free download
21 And the Trial of the One 42:48 Free download
22 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Trial 04:42 Free download
23 And the Echoes of Memory 42:43 Free download
24 Writer and Director Vlog: And the Echoes 04:57 Free download


  • Great Family Entertainment!

    By TheOvabz
    We have thoroughly enjoyed this series as a family. Saddened to hear that it has been cancelled. Hope you bring it back.
  • Awesome

    By Spyro6969
    Hope they bring out another season even if has to be with another channel.
  • Love this one even more!!!!!

    By VV1326
    Thank you for another amazing season...
  • Great show!

    By Btgchar
    A great lighthearted adventure show that my husband and I enjoy watching together. Think like a fantasy magic version of Indiana Jones (don’t include the Crystal Skull one). This season has had its ups and downs, lately more ups with exploring more in-depth Cassandra, Stone, Ezekiel, and even Jenkins. Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes.
  • would you mind adding the episode "A Town Called Feud"

    By quite asking for my password numnuts!!!!!!!!
    You have the Vlog but no episode!
  • Great entertainment!

    By MttOJLF
    Really enjoying each season! Funny, great cast and writing with all kind of stories and history, watching and learning.
  • The storyline has been going downhill

    By KD7CAO
    The storyline for this show has been going downhill rapidly. What is worse though? This season the storyline was put in out of order. For example episode 7 has Flynn leaving the team and episode 9 he is mysteriously back. What is next?
  • Fun

    By MEM14
    This show is just fun! The characters are complex even though you wouldn't expect them to be in a surface show. The interactions are sweet and their friendships are enjoyable. Storylines give me mindless entertainment and I enjoy zoning out with this cast for awhile. I was sincerely glad that they brought it back.
  • Love this show!

    By Office space 91
    Sometimes a little fantasy in a crazy wold is just what we need
  • Hotter then bbttohyyfriotrchrixmf

    By Sandbardan
    Great He he. Y🐰🐒🇧🇲h. I cjdokply🐒🇧🇲😄hotterhhybbro