Victoria, Season 2

Victoria, Season 2


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-12-15
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 16
  • Free download


Queen Victoria, a 19th-century heroine for our times, faces the very modern challenge of balancing a growing family with her marriage to Prince Albert and her work--all while being the ruler of the most powerful nation on earth. UK Edition.


Title Time
1 A Soldier's Daughter (UK Edition) 50:04 Free download
2 The Green-Eyed Monster (UK Edition) 47:32 Free download
3 Warp and Weft (UK Edition) 46:00 Free download
4 The Sins of the Father (UK Edition) 47:00 Free download
5 Entente Cordiale (UK Edition) 47:18 Free download
6 Faith, Hope, and Charity (UK Edition) 45:59 Free download
7 The King Over the Water (UK Edition) 46:23 Free download
8 The Luxury of Conscience (UK Edition) 47:16 Free download
9 The Christmas Special (UK Edition) 1:29:25 Free download
10 PBS Previews: Victoria Season 2 01:55 Free download
11 An Icon for Women Today 04:37 Free download
12 The Silent Piano 02:29 Free download
13 A Woman in a Man's World 04:32 Free download
14 Researching Victoria 02:01 Free download
15 The Costumes 03:33 Free download
16 The Graphics 04:31 Free download


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    The settings and costumes are quite nice. The events portrayed in the series are consistent with historical events. The series is heavy on soap opera. I was hoping for something more, which is why I give this three stars.
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