NCIS, Season 15

NCIS, Season 15


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-09-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 25
  • Free download


The 15th season of NCIS returns two months after Special Agents Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) were last seen fighting a group of rebels in Paraguay. Last season's dangerous mission will forever change each member of the team and bring this family of agents closer than ever.


Title Time
1 House Divided 42:43 Free download
2 Twofer 43:24 Free download
3 Exit Strategy 43:28 Free download
4 Skeleton Crew 43:23 Free download
5 Fake It 'Til You Make It 43:28 Free download
6 Trapped 42:16 Free download
7 Burden of Proof 43:28 Free download
8 Voices 42:48 Free download
9 Ready or Not 40:35 Free download
10 Double Down 43:01 Free download
11 High Tide 42:33 Free download
12 Dark Secrets 41:09 Free download
13 Family Ties 43:20 Free download
14 Keep Your Friends Close 43:31 Free download
15 Keep Your Enemies Closer 43:36 Free download
16 Handle with Care 43:31 Free download
17 One Man’s Trash 43:06 Free download
18 Death from Above 43:02 Free download
19 The Numerical Limit 43:02 Free download
20 Sight Unseen 43:22 Free download
21 One Step Forward 42:42 Free download
22 Two Steps Back 43:11 Free download
23 Fallout 43:05 Free download
24 Date With Destiny 43:20 Free download
25 New Team Friendships and Rivalries 03:42 Free download


  • This will be my last year watching.

    By ceegail
    I own a copy of all 15 seasons of NCIS. I have rewatched most of the first 13 seasons. I enjoyed the characters, really, since the stories are essentially all the same. A guilty, easy pleasure. I just watched Season 15, Episode 12 Dark Secrets. Maybe it is because of Mark Harmon's health - I do not know - but the writing for his character is abysmal. The writing, generally, over the last two seasons - IMO - is abysmal. In Dark Secrets, there is implication Gibbs tortures a suspect with impunity and then the "resolution" borders on magical thinking. I can't help but wonder if all the ideas are just used and dried up. I'm done. And I believe this show is as well.
  • Episode 10?

    By Teresa F
    The rating is for the service not the show. I have a season pass so why does it not let me download episode 10 but wants me to buy it. That doesn't make sense.
  • BAD

    By LTVLR
    Not only is Itunes messing things up bit the writers are also - It is clear this is NCIS's last season - terrible writing and scripts, bad actors (please get rid of the british accent guy) and just not enjoyable - they have lost the magic.
  • Pricing not right

    By mslanelib
    Hey Apple! Been a loyal supporter of your brand since 1987 when I bought my first Mac all the way to the present where my husband and I both own iPhones, new MacBook and my IPad Pro. I don't even watch a physical tv anymore relying on iTunes, streaming services and my public library to provide my media. Every year I buy the current seasons of NCIS, Law & Order SVU and tons of British tv and movies. I usually get my tv in SD because of the size of the collection and that my mind doesn't remember the details on HD and watching on my iPad Pro provides me with all the volume I need. But more... So! SD is cheaper than HD, BUT NOT ANYMORE! Why has this happened? What is the point of offering SD if we are paying the same price as HD???!!! NCIS IS $34.99 in HD or SD so unless I wait and see if the price gets discounted by the end of the series, I'm just out of luck. Justify this to me.
  • Heres to another great season!

    By SamuelC98
    Heres to another great season!
  • Awesome

    By im two!
    I'm two and I watch it