Wynonna Earp, Season 2

Wynonna Earp, Season 2

Wynonna Earp

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2017-06-09
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 28
  • Free download


The gun wielding, whiskey drinking, quip slinging heroine returns to raise a little hell – and rid her home of the supernatural evils that plague it. But this time, she’s not just facing resurrected demon outlaws; there are monsters the likes of which Wynonna never imagined – and some of them she’ll have to face sober!


Title Time
1 Steel Bars and Stone Walls 43:09 Free download
2 Inside Wynonna Earp: Hit the Ground Runn 03:18 Free download
3 Shed Your Skin 43:09 Free download
4 Inside Wynonna Earp: Goo Gone Wild 02:33 Free download
5 Gonna Getcha Good 43:09 Free download
6 Inside Wynonna Earp: Haught Moves 04:41 Free download
7 She Ain't Right 43:09 Free download
8 Inside Wynonna Earp: Enter the Demon 02:41 Free download
9 Let's Pretend We're Strangers 43:09 Free download
10 Inside Wynonna Earp: Evil Woman 03:32 Free download
11 Whiskey Lullaby 43:09 Free download
12 Inside Wynonna Earp: Mother Time 07:42 Free download
13 Everybody Knows 43:09 Free download
14 Inside Wynonna Earp: Tastes Like Christm 03:01 Free download
15 No Future in the Past 43:09 Free download
16 Inside Wynonna Earp: Vision Quest 04:30 Free download
17 Forever Mine Nevermind 43:09 Free download
18 Inside Wynonna Earp: Games People Play 04:33 Free download
19 I See a Darkness 43:09 Free download
20 Inside Wynonna Earp: Calamity Comes To T 07:09 Free download
21 Gone As a Girl Can Get 43:09 Free download
22 Inside Wynonna Earp: Altered State 04:55 Free download
23 I Hope You Dance 43:09 Free download
24 Inside Wynonna Earp: Serendipity 14:26 Free download
25 Sneak Peek At Wynonna Earp 01:00 Free download
26 The Road Less Traveled 04:47 Free download
27 New Kids On The Block 06:15 Free download
28 Check The Gate 11:57 Free download


  • Season 2 not as good as season 1

    By Xxboxmusic
    Whoever was responsible for providing a cohesive story with character development must have quit. Season 2 feels like someone had a bunch of scenes they wanted and would not compromise on- but there is only so much time in an episode, so somebody else just put them all together in rough chronological order and called it a show. Watchable in the way a -b movie is watchable, if you just like the genre you have a chance, otherwise ...probably not so much
  • Amazing!!!

    By Melly Perez
    Can’t wait for season 3
  • Crying in the CLUB

    By 10101010101010103837
    This show is by far one of the best shows I’ve seen. I’m not just saying that, I genuinely look forward to watching it everyday when I get home. I love Waverly and Nicole’s relationship, they are literal goals, and I love Wynonna, she’s super sarcastic and witty. Please do us a favor and renew this show for like 10 more seasons!!!😩❤️
  • Never Seen Anything Like It

    this show is SUPERB. the acting is phenomenal, the representation is TOP SHELF and the cast themselves are so kind and generous. I've met the cast personally and I can't imagine loving any group of people more. The writing (and writers!) are top notch and this show always leaves me begging for more. It's a little odd, it's a little crazy, but it's ours. and i have recommended it to everyone i've ever spoken to about it. give it a shot - you won't regret it
  • Good show to watch

    By Kicks me out
    I have enjoyed this show a lot. It's so odd but awesome. My aunt binged this after the first episode. She loves it as well. Many silly and unrealistic parts but that's what makes it work. The characters are all pretty authentic and comfortable with their roles. Definitely, an enjoyable watch.
  • Come for the gays, stay for Wynonna

    By kmzrtl
    This is my favorite show ever!!!
  • love it !

    By lowbudgetkait
    love this show realllyyyyy hoping for a season 3. crossing my fingers! an amazing show with amazing representation. i love everything the writer emily andres is doing with it
  • My favorite show

    By Doctor MJ 12
    I love the dialogue, characters, scenery, and storylines. I never know what to expect. I also appreciate the representation and strong multi dimensional women.
  • Love This Show!!

    By TKWelch
    Happened to find the first season on Netflix and then I was hooked! So much so I had to buy season 2 so I could catch up.

    By Super SARS
    I absolutely love this show. Cast is amazing!