Victoria, Season 1

Victoria, Season 1


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-01-15
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 19
  • Free download


Famous for her candor and spirit, Queen Victoria was the first woman who seemed to have it all: a passionate marriage, nine children and the job of being queen of the world’s most important nation. Her often tumultuous reign lasted for 63 years.


Title Time
1 Doll 123 (UK Edition) 1:09:52 Free download
2 Ladies in Waiting (UK Edition) 46:15 Free download
3 Brocket Hall (UK Edition) 46:09 Free download
4 The Clockwork Prince (UK Edition) 46:34 Free download
5 An Ordinary Woman (UK Edition) 46:43 Free download
6 The Queen's Husband (UK Edition) 46:32 Free download
7 Engine of Change (UK Edition) 46:32 Free download
8 Young England (UK Edition) 47:35 Free download
9 PBS Previews: Victoria 01:00 Free download
10 Victoria: First Look 03:19 Free download
11 Tour of the Buckingham Palace Set with N 03:24 Free download
12 Jenna Coleman (Victoria) 05:31 Free download
13 Tom Hughes (Prince Albert) 02:42 Free download
14 Rufus Sewell (Lord Melbourne) 03:42 Free download
15 Catherine Flemming (Duchess of Kent) 02:57 Free download
16 Ferdinand Kingsley (Francatelli) 02:47 Free download
17 Eve Myles (Mrs. Jenkins) 02:46 Free download
18 Daniela Holtz (Baroness Lehzen) 02:35 Free download
19 Creating the CGI Magic Online 04:18 Free download


  • Sin mayores glorias

    By Luifi2002
    Hermosa esenografía, pero personajes poco profundos y elaborados. Nada trascendental.
  • Ugh

    By Hope619
  • Enjoyed Season 1 and looking forward to the next

    By Lsamoyc
    Queen Victoria a great monarch and a wonderful loving wife to Prince Albert...what a love story 👍. I am sure w/out a doubt she will be a loving mother...till the next season 🙏🏼
  • Better then I tought

    By veronica.rose.99
    It was a lot better then I had expected it to be. I love how the actors work together. I have to say, thye couldn't have picked a better Victoria and Albert. They are perfect together. This show is a must watch!
  • Amazing

    By alascott
    Delightful! Intriguing! Really well written, produced and acted. Thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Where is Season 2

    By Kristen M86
    I loved Season 1, but how come I am unable to see Season 2? I am in the US
  • Extremely fun and engaging a cross between Downton and Mr Selfridge

    By HogHunter
    As a man I had my doubts as to whether I would enjoy a show about a teenage queen. However the history buff in me was enthralled by the complexity a 19th century British monarch was forced to endure. Jenna Coleman was a delightful Queen Victoria and Rufus Sewell played Lord Melbourne with an air of endearment and protection towards the vulnerable young queen that it was difficult to comprehend how they could be anything but a wonderful couple, yet he it so caring and tender towards her that he places his duty above all else. The scenery and dialogue is magnificent. I only wish there were many more episodes. This show displayed the emotional depth of the fictional Downton Abbey combined with the historical reality of Mr. Selfridge. The end result is a masterpiece well worthy of the title Masterpiece Theater.
  • Great show!

    By balcmusic
    While it was a tiny bit slow at the beginning,k it turned into a true masterpiece! The costumes, setting and story line were wonderful, never pedantic. At the end I truely cared for both the queen and her husband! PBS does great storytelling, and this one did not disappoint.
  • Amazing!

    By WashingtonBoys
    Best show ever!
  • Exceptional

    By IrishLadyWC
    The stars, the writing, the sets are superb. If you like period pieces, like myself, you will find yourself engrossed by this spectacular series. Im looking forward to the series 2! Can't come quick enough! Really quality show as PBS always does!