Homeland, Season 5

Homeland, Season 5


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2016-07-24
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 15
  • Free download


The Emmy® Winning Series Homeland returns for its fifth enthralling season. Now working at a private security firm in Berlin, Carrie (Claire Danes) is trying to start a new life, but discovers that she can’t escape her past. Blindsided by shocking betrayals, and without Saul (Mandy Patinkin) and Quinn (Rupert Friend) to rely on, Carrie must uncover a deadly conspiracy that puts thousands of lives at risk, including her own.


Title Time
1 Separation Anxiety 50:08 Free download
2 The Tradition of Hospitality 48:13 Free download
3 Super Powers 58:15 Free download
4 Why Is This Night Different? 48:47 Free download
5 Better Call Saul 51:20 Free download
6 Parabiosis 46:14 Free download
7 Oriole 49:55 Free download
8 All About Allison 52:03 Free download
9 The Litvinov Ruse 55:14 Free download
10 New Normal 52:16 Free download
11 Our Man in Damascus 59:52 Free download
12 A False Glimmer 57:44 Free download
13 Season 5 Sneak Peak 00:32 Free download
14 The Evolution of Carrie Mathison 10:55 Free download
15 Beyond the Wall: Homeland in Berlin 09:29 Free download


  • Sticking with it 👍🏼

    By Gracie_Lou_82
    I started watching this on Hulu recently mainly because I ran out of things to watch. I'm not a big drama fan at all. Watching too much of it gets to me after a while. However, this show had me glued to the tv for a bit. The whole back and forth with Brody and Carrie though did get old. But it was such a passionate portrayal of truest of love. Quinn telling Carrie her baby was the example of that love was kinda a hint. Cuz u knew in that moment he really would do anything for her even if it meant letting her be happy with someone else. Which I think is why he didn't take the shot to off Brody. Now I'm not gonna lie, I did get mad at the tv when Carrie had the gun aimed at Brody after the C.I.A bombing. So a week or two later it kept nagging at me what happens next and now I'm just waiting for season 5 to get to Hulu or Hu as it's known now 😏. I saw the clips of all of season 5 and 6 shows and I'm just hoping that one day Carrie and Quinn will be together and it not be fated to end before it began like with Carrie and Brody. But I'm patient cuz I know Hulu is owned by the network cable companies. So Apple, Netflix, and Hulu usually have to wait a year or more till the next season airs or is finished airing cuz they want u to subscribe to their services. Lol But they don't know how cheap I am, and I ain't spending the $$ when I already pay $13 a month for Hulu. Hahaha I'm patient lol. 😈😈
  • Few things not right

    By SentiBlue
    1. Carrie seducing a student much younger than her is such a distaste. It diminishes the value of the Agency and the show itself. 2. In every season, the intro gets changed a little bit, but each of them always contain the word f**k. Apparently the production of this series requires this word. Because it's in the intro, every single episode has it even if the episode itself doesn't. 3. Brody story ended nicely. But during the storyline, too much time is spent on the Brody family that's not so much connected to the main story. 4. This series seems to value very much the idea of using sex as an intelligent gathering tool. I doubt that's how it works in real life and I doubt that it's such a good idea to promote this "tool" on TV.
  • Crazy Good

    By jah boot
    .. honestly didn't think it could get it back ... & blauuh-dow... yaaasss
  • Excellent TV

    By HillsGalJR
    I have been waiting for the last 3 episodes of Season 5 to come out in some fashion. Thank you iTunes! Not sure why the other reviewers thought this was new material, perhaps you could say when it originally aired? From my perspective, the season returned to it's fresh approach after getting somewhat off track the past 2 seasons. Berline provided a thoroughly engaging storyline and really allows these terrific actors their full breadth. (spoiler alert! if you haven't watched yet...) So sorry to see the last of Rupert Friend. He was a favorite character of mine, and will miss him-- (plus, so cute - what's not to like?!)
  • keep up the formula

    By Ben Hawkingsmith the Fourth
    what's great about Homeland is not only the thrilling story of the day plots, but the casting is phenomenal. they are following BBC's formula by casting older, more seasoned actors like Patinkin (theater, screen, TV), Abrahms (ditto), and older female actresses who are so interesting you want to have dinner with them. i'm a huge fan of rupert friend, so that does not hurt the show at all. he's so appealing, i'm certain there is a huge female fan base. season five, no matter if you watched it in its' current release or a year later, such as I have, is by far the best season so far. keep it up, homeland writers and producers. this IS the best TV i've seen ever! i will certainly miss "Quinn." some smart person out there must write a novel based on his love letter to Carrie. (am i being anal or did the actor who portrayed the terrorist cell's leader keep slipping in and out of a NY accent?)
  • Misleading marketing

    By Larry_Hinman
    I bought this thinking it was the new season--which is the way it was marketed. Totally misleading.
  • Stop blaming Apple

    By Director_X
    I can't believe every reviewer thus far blames Apple for the release schedule of content. That's decided by the network, not Apple. Showtime is a premium channel. They want you to subscribe to them to watch shows like this one. They offer this show on demand. It's a business model. But just before the new season airs, they sell the last one in home video formats to drum up interest for the next season. Why? So you'll subscribe to Showtime. This is how it has always worked.
  • Love the show, hate apple

    By Caddisbug1994
    ...this is season FIVE... Which I watched LAST year. The way Apple promoted it, I thought it was the new season (SIX). So I dropped 30+ dollars on a season pass for a season I saw one year ago. Buyer beware.
  • I want my money back!

    By Hans disappointed
    This aired in 2015 but is here labelled new episode.
  • Late

    By VegaBoo
    Great show, BUT please get your lives together. Advertising old seasons as if they were new? Why even watch them now? They have already aired and been off the map for a while now. This is embarrassing. Fire your marketing department!! Where is the new season?